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What We Do

We offer personal one-on-one language instruction: French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, English as a Second Language, and more.

Welcome to, an online foreign language tutoring service. We help you get closer to your dream of learning a new foreign language­ – your passport to the world!

From the comfort of your home and at a time convenient for you, MyForeignLanguageTutor helps you learn your new language in the most comfortable setting for you. Learning a new language can be challenging intellectual work, so we strive to make the learning process a pleasure because fun is an indispensable component of successful language acquisition!

From conversational language learning: "Excuse me, sir, when is the next bus to Buenos Aires?" Disculpe, señor, ¿cuándo sale el próximo autobús a Buenos Aires?  to more complex communication for intermediate students: "Повторе́ние -- мать уче́нья" Repetition is the mother of learning, MyForeignLanguageTutor can help.

Who are our Tutors?

Our instructors, native speakers in their foreign language, bring a high level of English language proficiency to their classes, allowing for a seamless introduction to your new language. Our tutors will help you gain skills not entirely achievable through a textbook or classroom serving multiple students. Our native instructors are not only able to explain the rules of grammar and sentence structure, they will also help you master pronunciation, intonation and give you insights into the culture and people of the studied language.

Who do we teach?

Our classes are designed to serve students with varying levels of foreign language ability including beginner, intermediate and advanced students: those who have previously studied a foreign language (individually or in a group) and who would like to improve their language skills through dedicated individual instruction. Children ages 5 years and up, junior youth, youth and adults are all welcome. Our students are typically available for at least one lesson per week and have access to a computer and a high speed internet connection.

What are our language instruction methods?

All lessons are conducted via Skype, a free voice calling software program. Basic requirements include a computer with high speed internet access and an installed copy of Skype software, speakers and microphone (or a headset that has a microphone, if your computer does not have a microphone built in). Classes are held individually or in group sessions if needed.

Frequency of Classes

Frequency of classes are scheduled according to the level of the student and her/his personal language goals. The first lesson, given free of charge, introduces language learning via Skype and gives a taste of the student's chosen foreign language. In subsequent lessons, student and instructor use teaching materials targeted for different levels of language proficiency.

Student Lesson and Payment Tracking

Our Student Lesson Payment Tracking System allows the student to access completed lessons and payments (and even download a copy of their data to an xls file). Track your lessons and payments in one convenient, secure area. Key data provided includes Lesson ID, Lesson Date and Time, Lesson Length, Lesson Amount($), Date of Payment, and Payment Amount. Access the Student Lesson Payment Tracking System using your email and password.

We look forward to being of service!
Esperamos servirles!
Wir freuen uns Ihnen dienen zu können!
ونحن نأمل ان نكون من الخدمة
Мы с нетерпением ждем возможности помочь вам!
Non vediamo l'ora di aiutarvi!
ما مشتاقانه منتظر برای خدمت بشما هستیـم
Nous serons heureux de vous être utile!
Estamos prontos para atender!


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